Casselman Law Group has evolved into a specialized litigation team with the unique ability to handle serious cases.  Collectively, our lawyers powered the complex litigation department of a much larger firm for many years.  With a proven track record representing plaintiffs as well as defendants in complex litigation matters, we decided to focus our efforts on a limited number of key cases.  Whether in "bet the company" litigation or precedent setting pro bono matters, our experience and trial record are unparalleled.  

As part of our diversified practice, including pro bono work, David Casselman recently completed oral argument before the California Supreme Court.  This argument was the culmination of 9 years of pro bono work to save the elephants kept under inhumane conditions at the Los Angeles Zoo.  To view the full argument of all counsel or just the argument of Mr. Casselman, click here.

The firm has also been working hard to resolve the massive Millennium Tower litigation in San Francisco.  Mr. Casselman has been serving as lead counsel for the unit owners of the 640 foot tall condominium project, against the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA)  The TJPA public entity built a massive transit center next to the Millennium Tower, causing that private structure to sink and tilt, prompting the subject litigation.


  • Our Clients

Our clients include knowledgeable litigants, capable of hiring any lawyer.  They turn to us for our experience,  attention to detail and consistently excellent results.  Some of our clients have been victims of tragedies, like subsidence, landslides and floods, sometimes wiping out entire neighborhoods.  Often, we have been able to prove that these disasters are legally attributable to acts and omissions of public entities.  In other cases, the public entities themselves have turned to us to defend them against claims of hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • Extensive Experience 


For over three decades, our lawyers have successfully tried the most complex cases, often involving massive amounts of evidence, contained in thousands of boxes of material.  They often involve unique government liability issues triggering constitutionally protected inverse condemnation claims, which can arise as a result of public contstruction nearby, triggering subsidence, landslides, water line breaks, street collapsing and flooding. We have handled these as well as many other cases, including public construction contracting, false claims, qui tam and other similar issues.


While these are specialty areas, we are also skilled in handling business litigation of every kind, including complex insurance law issues, professional liability claims, breaches of contract as well as personal injury and product liability claims, .


Most of our experience is particularly unique in that we have extensive experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving almost all of these issues.  Whether before a jury, judge, arbitrator or mediator, our lawyers have been successfully handling complex matters from initial  filing through final appeal for over 30 years.

  • Our Approach


We expend a great deal of effort focusing on details.  We search for the truth, doing our very best to understand the issues.  Only in that way can we best serve our clients.  Our daily challenge is to  balance aggressive action with practicality.  Both are necessary to resolve complex legal issues, mindful of the financial, legal and common sense concerns involved. 


Sometimes there is no shortcut.  Trial is the only alternative.  Other times, the efficient and speedy resolution of a case is paramount.  So, creativity becomes critical.  But, whether by trial, alternative dispute mechanisms or some other means, our goal is to meet our clients needs. 


  • Civility


Our goal is to foster effective and trusting communications between both opposing counsel as well as the court.  Courteous and reliable relationships promote our efforts to provide efficient and cost effective service.  Civility is an important and valuable component of any high quality practice.  Unnecessary disputes with opposing counsel simply add to the cost of litigation.  They seldom produce any positive returns. 


The individual attorneys at the Casselman Law Group have each earned a reputation for civility, as well as aggressiveness, where appropriate.  To most efficiently pursue effective and innovative solutions, civility is a critical tool.  It facilitates administration of complex matters in a cost effective way.  Civility should never be considered a sign of weakness.  In every respect, it is a sign of professionalism.  Civility among counsel inures to the benefit of our clients, the court system and society as a whole.


  • High Standards 


We recognize the need to provide quality service to each and every client.  Indeed, our goal in every case is to exceed the expectations of the people who placed their trust in us.  We promise to do everything we can to deliver high quality service in order to achieve the best possible results across the spectrum of our client's needs.  We do so with appreciation for and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


  • Client Involvement 


We encourage our clients actively to assist us and participate in the process, where desired.  It is valuable for them to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it for them.   In short, we strive to ensure each client understands the status of their matter and the value of the services we provide for them.


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