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The attorneys of Casselman Law Group have decades of experience working on the most complex litigation matters in Los Angeles, and beyond.    Our expertise is enhanced by virtue of our unique experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants.   This perspective is rare, and valuable.

In the early 1980's, our lead trial lawyer, David Casselman, was counsel for Los Angeles County and Waterworks District #29 in the Big Rock Mesa Landslide litigation.  Touted as the largest trial in the United States, a special courthouse was required to accommodate all of the cross defendant lawyers.   The County and its Water District won the test case at trial, ultimately leading to a very favorable resolution of the entire matter.

That case involved complex issues of inverse condemnation.  Since that time, our team has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendant public entities in cutting edge inverse cases, involving landslides, flooding, water line breaks, mudflows and public construction contracting for over 30 years.  We have been very successful on the defense side, having never lost a trial for a public entity.  Very few firms have both the depth of knowledge and the  unique insights we have in public liability, like inverse condemnation cases.


Mr. Casselman and the Casselman Law Group team have also successfully prosecuted numerous cases for Plaintiffs, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments and settlements.  As but one example, the team represented a Business Park in Otay Mesa (near the border of Mexico) against the City of San Diego.  The developer contended that the City breached its related Development Agreement.  The jury awarded the Plaintiff $94.5 million.

The attorneys of Casselman Law Group recently represented the following Plaintiffs:


  • A group of homeowners in Santa Barbara, impacted by a Caltrans induced landslide.  On the doorstep of trial, the case settled for $84 million.

  • Homeowners in Fullerton, impacted by a City induced landslide on an artificially constructed hillside.  The trial judgment exceeded $20 million.

  • A hotel owner against the City of Glendale and a contractor.  The hotel was impacted by excessive public construction noise and vibration.  The case settled before trial for over $17 million.

  • A homeowners association and 150 homeowners sued the City of Highland and County of San Bernardino following a heavy rain storm which caused the public drainage system to overflow and flood the area, depositing mud in their yards and homes.  The case settled for $9 million on the eve of trial.

  • A Montara ocean front homeowner against Caltrans for a highway induced landslide.   Plaintiff prevailed at trial and settled for millions of dollars.

Unrelated to inverse condemnation matters, the Casselman Law Group team has handled many other complex cases, including the public works construction cases against the MTA.  Brought in just before trial to defend against a $20 million breach of contract claim, Mr. Casselman and his team were successful in defending against the contractor claims and filed a cross action, securing a $63 million judgment against a major public works contractor, for breach of contract and violation of the California False Claims Act.  Portions of the case had to be tried twice, both times before juries, and each time resulting in verdicts in favor of the MTA. 


Still another case, ultimately resolved by the United States Supreme Court, involved complex copyright issues.  Mr. Casselman was brought in specifically to serve as trial counsel.  After the Supreme Court decision, the case was settled on an extremely favorable basis.


These and many other litigation matters form the backdrop of experience and skill that the Casselman Law Group brings to every one of its cases.  We bring our passion and experience to every one of our cases.