Unique Emphasis on Pro Bono


The Casselman Law Group has passionately provided pro bono legal service in the defense of animals.  Mr. Casselman has long pursued animal welfare issues in a variety of legal forums.


One of the higher profile cases handled by the Casselman Law Group involves a six year battle to close the Los Angeles Zoo Elephant exhibit.  With a sordid history of 14 dead elephants and inadequate training or space for the care of their three elephants, Mr. Casselman broke new ground by successfully prosecuting a claim under the so-called Tax Payers Waste statute. 


After the case was thrown out by the trial court on Summary Judgment, it was appealed...and reversed.  Then, the case was tried to a conclusion, resulting in a favorable verdict imposing injunctions on the City, which was appealed.  On behalf of the elephants, a cross appeal is also pending to completely close the exhibit to elephants.  Both appeals are now pending before the Court of Appeal.


Casselman Law Group is also representing two White Tigers, seeking a permit to be allowed to live in a larger, more humane space, in an appropriately zoned area.


But, the list of animal issues and successes spans many years and speaks to the commitment of the Casselman Law Group.   Motivated by the passion of Mr. Casselman, who is a co-founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, the team is committed to animal welfare causes of every size and concern.


Nonhuman animals in our society live without a voice.  Our team is committed to providing that voice, where feasible, to represent their interests, as needed.


Related activities:


Founder/Director of the one million acre Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary north of Siem Reap Cambodia