Public Entity Litigation
Casselman Law Group has an in-depth understanding of the defenses and immunities that apply specifically to municipal law and government litigation. Our Attorneys have have comprehensive experience representing both governmental bodies and affected citizens in a wide array of issues involving governmental liability including eminent domain, inverse condemnation, general negligence, breach of public construction contracts and other municipal law matters.
David Casselman first began representing Los Angeles County in 1984, involving the Big Rock Mesa Landslide case. It was successfully tried and then favorably settled in a fashion that saved the county hundreds of millions of dollars. Many other high-profile cases followed, with equally successful outcomes.
Despite a respected and successful trial record, our Attorneys understand that alternate dispute resolutions techniques often make the most sense for our clients. We have extensive experience with  arbitration, and mediation.  From the very start, our clients can be assured that we are exploring every option for a successful, cost-effective outcome to their case.  
With extensive experience and skill in municipal law matters, we provide a full range of services connected with a project, from the project structure (contract disputes) to the land on which it is situated (public use, inverse condemnation and eminent domain), to personal injury and a wide range of contract issues once the project is completed.
Due to our wide range of experience, we are often able to quickly evaluate such cases by early reliance on  outside expert witness specialists -- such as structural and geotechnical engineers, water experts, human mechanics experts, financial analysts, acoustical engineers, licensing experts and many others who can supply valuable information specific to a particular case.
Rather than wait until a case is ready for trial, Casselman Law Group believes that outside experts can provide critical leverage in early negotiations leading to settlement.  We seldom wait until a case is destined for trial before fully exploring the strengths and weaknesses of our case from an expert perspective.